Diabetes footcare specialists gather in Durham

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4th November 2015
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A network which is focussed on reducing unnecessary major amputations in people with diabetes has met in Durham for its second annual regional conference.

The meeting was the second annual symposium of the Northern Diabetes Footcare Network. Members of the organisation share good practice and aim to take the best possible care of people’s feet who are affected by diabetes.

A total of 100 healthcare professionals with an interest in diabetes, including podiatrists, diabetes specialists, GPs and practice nurses gathered at the October event.

The conference was set up to allow specialists in the field of diabetes care, podiatry, vascular surgery and microbiology to share the latest evidence and developments in this area of medicine.

Dr Rahul Nayar, who is chair of the network is consultant physician and a specialist in diabetes care at City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Last year’s conference was our first and it was a resounding success. It was an opportunity to look at all aspects of this specialist area.

“We know people with diabetes are at risk of circulation problems which can result in foot ulcers and, sometimes, amputations of the toes and, more seriously, the whole foot or limb.

“Members of the network from all over the region are working together to reduce amputations. It’s all about people being with diabetes being aware of changes in their legs or feet, regular monitoring and early intervention if problems are detected to avoid amputation.

“We also know that, while amputation addresses the immediate problem, the long term outlook for people who have had amputation is not good. Not only do patients have mobility issues but they are also more likely to be ill or die from heart or circulatory disease in the five years after amputation. We want to address this and improve outcomes for patients.”

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