Module 1: The Diabetic Foot

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Learning aims
Careful foot assessments are the cornerstone for good diabetic foot care and can help to prevent amputation. It is hoped that the information and advice within this training will be a continuous point of reference and support to help you achieve this effectively.

The aim of this training is to provide health care workers with knowledge on how to perform and record a diabetic foot assessment. The purpose of diabetic foot assessment is to identify any risk factors predisposing individuals to foot problems. The diabetic foot risk classification directs you to suitable management plans and referral pathways.

Learning objectives
The course will focus on enabling you to;
1. Perform a routine assessment of the diabetic foot and provide advice and education
2. Identify the presence of sensory neuropathy
3. Identify a reduced arterial supply
4. Identify other risk factors that may put the foot at risk
5. Classify the diabetic foot in accordance with NICE guidelines and the diabetic foot care Pathway
6. Understand how to refer patients to the appropriate podiatry services
7. Effectively manage a newly presenting foot ulcer/problem and recognise the need for urgent referral to podiatrists and/or specialist. Provide foot care advice to patients including their risk status, care of the diabetic foot wear advice, signs of infection and importance of contacting a health care professional if concerned.

A certificate of competence is printable on completion.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at allied health professionals involved in the assessment and management of the diabetic foot, in particular:

  • Practice nurses
  • Community nurses
  • Healthcare assistants
  • GPs
  • Podiatrists
  • Podiatry students
  • Nursing students
  • Nursing/residential and care home staff

How long does this course take to complete Approximately 30 minutes

How often does this course need to be completed?

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