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Type 1 diabetes committee pledges to raise standards of care

By Editor
28th June 2017
Care planning, Good practice

Raising the standards of care for people with type 1 diabetes is the focus of a new committee which has been created by the national group which represents diabetes consultants in the UK.

The Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD) has teamed up with Diabetes UK to launch the Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Collaborative – UK which is a collaborative of healthcare professionals working in multi-disciplinary teams providing care for adults with type 1 diabetes.

The committee is made up of individual healthcare professionals from all the disciplines from the four nations who are passionate about providing excellence care for people with the condition.

It is currently chaired by Dr Rob Gregory, the previous chair of ABCD, with Professor Stephanie Amiel and Professor Simon Heller as non-executive co-chairs.

The committee’s mission statement is to “ensure that everyone with type 1 diabetes has access to a suitably-trained multidisciplinary specialist team for expert assessment, care and support for self-management”.

The plan is to identify the number of organisations providing specialist type 1 diabetes care, irrespective of where that care is delivered. The campaign aims to ensure that specialist multi-disciplinary diabetes teams across the UK deliver care according to the current standards. Additionally, the clinical lead in each unit will be responsible for providing data annually about the service for benchmarking purposes and completing a self-assessment survey of the type 1 service, including staffing numbers and training undertaken by staff specifically in type 1 diabetes competencies.

The collaborative will have themed work streams which will include:

  • Pumps and technologies – The established and successful ABCD IPN-UK will be part of the collaborative and fulfil this function.
  • Health care professional education, training and workforce issues – This will look at the composition and training of members of the multidisciplinary team.
  • Patient education – This will be concerned with ensuring that approved education is available at diagnosis and at other relevant times for every adult with type 1 diabetes.  This will cover formal structured education programmes supplemented by easily-accessible on-line courses and material.
  • Whole of life – The collaborative will address care delivered from transitioning of young people from the paediatric diabetes care through to the end-of-life.
  • Enabling success – The collaborative will support and empower people with type 1 diabetes to achieve their potential.
  • Quality Improvement – The collaborative will facilitate a UK-wide approach to data collection, analysis and presentation in ways that will encourage continuous improvement in processes and outcomes.

Any healthcare professional working in a UK-based team currently providing care to people with type 1 diabetes is eligible to register free-of-charge to join the collaborative and receive regular electronic mailings about its activities.

It is very important that the clinical lead for type 1 diabetes in every organisation registers and identifies themselves as the lead clinician.  This can be any healthcare professional, not necessarily a doctor.

To take part, click here.

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