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24th September 2015
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New clinical guidance on diabetes injection techniques has been published.

The Forum for Injection Technique UK (FIT) has published the 3rd edition of its Injection Technique Recommendations, featuring contributions from over 65 clinical experts.

FIT UK believes that publishing up-to-date recommendations can help people with diabetes to “achieve the best possible health outcomes by ensuring that the correct dose of medication is delivered to the correct injection site, using the correct technique”.

The FIT Injection Technique Recommendations 3rd Edition has been influenced by all recent, relevant research

FIT UK is “committed to engaging in a range of initiatives including research, education and support for healthcare professionals, carers and people with diabetes”.

The document was put together by a team of experienced diabetes specialist nurses and infection control and prevention specialists.

Debbie Hicks, Nurse Consultant – Diabetes (Chair) Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust and Chair of the FIT UK Board, said: “The FIT Injection Technique Recommendations 3rd Edition has been influenced by all recent, relevant research into diabetes and injection technique and so offers the most up to date guidance on improving the health outcomes of people with diabetes through good injection technique.

“We have also had contributions from clinical specialists from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, so there has been consensus on these guidelines from all over the UK. The recommendations are now available to download free from the FIT UK website, so I encourage anyone involved in diabetes care to visit the FIT UK website.”

The guideline included advice on the screening, prevention and management of lipohypertrophy and extended information on intramuscular risk and optimal injection technique.

It has also identified recommended injection sites across the body and how to take care of the areas to avoid infection.

The FIT UK Board sought the widest possible consensus in the development of these recommendations and consulted a broad range of clinical experts.

Each section, within the new recommendations, was thoroughly reviewed and updated.

Implementation of the FIT Injection Technique Recommendations 3rd Edition by clinicians could offer significantly improved health outcomes for people with diabetes, possibly resulting in lower burdens for health providers in terms of emergency costs, unplanned hospital admissions, lower insulin usage and reduced risk of long-term complications.

To download the FIT Injection Technique Recommendations 3rd Edition please, click here.

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