Hypo kit safety alert issued

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6th September 2016
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Batches of a kit used to treat severe hypoglycaemic reactions are being recalled due to safety issues.

Users of the GlucaGen HypoKit are being asked to check whether they have an affected product and to return it if they have.

A medical safety alert has been issued by manufacturers Novo Nordisk Ltd warning users that seven batches may contain a small number of needles which have become detached from the syringe.

It would not be possible to use a syringe with a detached needle which could cause a delay in emergency treatment of severe hypoglycaemia.

People are asked to return their GlucaGen HypoKit to their community pharmacy for a replacement pack.

The affected batches are as follows:

Batch Number Expiry Date First distributed
FS6W939 31/05/2018 26/02/2016
FS6X059 31/05/2018 03/03/2016
FS6X196 30/09/2018 11/03/2016
FS6X590 31/08/2018 29/03/2016
FS6X717 31/08/2018 22/03/2016
FS6X899 31/08/2018 18/04/2016
FS6Y024 30/09/2018 06/05/2016

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