Type 1 diabetes

Schools urged to show type 1 diabetes cartoon

28th April 2017

Secondary schools around the UK are being encouraged to show a cartoon about type 1 diabetes during Diabetes Week in June. The animation is based on Type 1 Origins, which is a comic book that was ...

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NINJABETIC – Take a break

20th April 2017

A few months ago I wrote about the importance of being selfish when you need to be, not in the way that may cause upset or hurt to myself or others, but more of a self-soothing, self-management ...

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The Big Interview – Nicola Lewis

17th March 2017

Nicola Lewis has been a DSN for nearly 19 years and had lived and breathed diabetes in her professional life. However, she was forced to deal with it personally, when her young daughter Olivia ...

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Type 1 man no longer requires insulin

14th March 2017

Further tests are being carried out on a man with type 1 diabetes who no longer needs to use insulin after his pancreas began functioning again.  Daniel Darkes, from Daventry, was diagnosed with ...

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Diabetes treatment calculators developed

9th March 2017

Two risk calculators have been developed which could help healthcare professionals prescribe better combination treatment for people wth diabetes. The research into personalised treatments was ...

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