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Type 1 carbohydrate management programme set to launch

By Editor
23rd May 2018, Type 1 diabetes

A new programme geared towards helping people with type 1 diabetes control their condition by modifying their carbohydrate intake is set to be launched.

Healthcare professionals and people with diabetes are being encouraged to register their interest about the Type 1 Program.

It comes off the back of the successful award-winning Low Carb Program, which was mainly developed to help people with type 2 diabetes and has so far saved the NHS more than £7 million in prescription costs. won the inaugural National Business Award for Positive Social Impact Award in 2016 for the impact of the programme.

A significant number of people have achieved excellent control of type 1 diabetes through modifying their carbohydrate intake. Research studies have shown that reducing the amount of daily carb intakes consumed can be effective in maintaining HbA1c levels. Despite this, there is still a lack of available guidance for this, leaving people wary of adopting the different approach to eating.

The new programme gives people with type 1 the confidence to set a level of carbohydrate that works best for their blood sugar levels. It guides people with videos and personalised resources and information that explain the principles that allow people to gain better of their diabetes.

Dr Richard Bernstein and Type1Grit have helped inspire the development of the programme, which was devised with the feedback from more than 40,000 members of the Low Carb Program who have type 1 diabetes.

Dr Ian Lake, a Gloucestershire-based GP who lives with type 1 diabetes, has also been instrumental in the development of the programme. In his talk at the PHC conference, he discussed research which has shown that reducing carbohydrate has led to significant improvements in diabetes control.

He recently unveiled news about the new programme at the Public Health Collaboration Annual Conference that took at the Royal College of General Practitioners in London earlier this month.

There, he talked about some common misconceptions about the use of low carbohydrate lifestyles in people with type 1 diabetes and looked at modern guidance for type 1 diabetes which encourages people with diabetes to determine a level of carbohydrate that works best for them.

Pre-registration is open for patients and healthcare professionals at Type 1 Program.

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