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World’s first disposable HbA1c system unveiled

By Editor
22nd March 2016
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The world’s first and only disposable HbA1c system has been made available in the UK, it has been announced.

The A1CNow® allows healthcare professionals to provide individuals with an indicator of average blood glucose control for up to a three-month period.

The device provides immediate access to A1c status, without the costly and cumbersome process which is more commonly used to achieve the same results.

It just takes just five minutes to generate results after a single drop of blood has been inserted into the device.

Each meter comes with two tests and once used can be disposed of.

Measuring blood sugar levels is an important part of diabetes management and accurate readings allow clinicians to understand how the person is coping with treatment.

The higher the HbA1c, the greater the risk of developing diabetes-related complications which can be devastating.

A study on the A1CNow® analyser in the US showed the device had an average of 99 per cent accuracy in readings.

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