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CONTOUR®DIABETES app now able to integrate with Apple Health™

By Editor
21st November 2018
Medical devices

Ascensia Diabetes Care’s CONTOUR®DIABETES app has been updated to enable seamless integration with Apple Health™, the company has announced.

Connectivity between these two apps means users are able to select to share blood glucose readings and carbohydrate data from the CONTOUR®DIABETES app with Apple Health™. Once this feature is enabled by the user, data from the CONTOUR®DIABETES app will automatically transfer and be visible in the Health™ app Blood Glucose area.

In addition, users can opt to share data that has been collected by Apple Health™ with the CONTOUR® Cloud. At this stage, however, we do not yet have the capability in the CONTOUR®DIABETES app for users to view the data that is transferred from Apple Health™ to the CONTOUR® Cloud, but we hope to build this functionality in the future.

Many people with diabetes are already using Apple Health™ as the primary application to track their health and this update is designed to make diabetes management easier by providing users with the option to automatically transfer their blood glucose and carbohydrate data.

This upgrade is part of Ascensia’s focus on interconnected diabetes management and building a seamless integrated journey between device, systems and smartphone apps that will allow people with diabetes to more easily and effectively manage their diabetes. This upgrade is the result of feedback from users of the CONTOUR®DIABETES app via App Store reviews and social media.

More information on how to pair with Apple Health™ can be found by searching CONTOUR®DIABETES app in your preferred search engine.

Last week, we reported on findings from clinical research which revealed how the CONTOUR®DIABETES app can reduce the chances of hypoglycaemic and hyperglycaemic events in people with diabetes.

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