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Diabetes audit participation is up

By Editor
1st December 2016
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Participation in the National Diabetes Audit has gone up by a quarter, new figures have suggested.

Data released shows that the percentage of GP practices who took part in 2015-16 was 82.4 per cent, in England and Wales, which was up from 57.3 per cent in 2014.15.

An NDA spokesperson said: “This is a fantastic achievement by the NDA team, the CCGs and Clinical Networks who supported participation and colleagues across the diabetes community who made every effort to encourage and promote participation.

“So, a big thank you. This is not only good news for the NDA, but also for the NPID audit and NDFA where local data is linked to the NDA data.”

The recent publication only includes participation levels to the 2015-16. The 2015-16 audit findings on care processes and treatment targets will be published on 31 January 2017.

table and map has also been made available to allow interested parties see the clinical commissioning groups (CCG) and local health board (LHB) participation rates.

New approach to recording diabetes structured education attendance

The NDA team has been working with key stakeholders to develop a standardised approach to improve the data capture of attendance at diabetes structured education.

One of the main obstacles has been a lack of consistency in how this is recorded and captured on GP systems. In the absence of an electronic solution, a simplified approach, using only 4 Read Codes has been developed.

The diabetes education providers are supporting this approach and it will be communicated across GP practices to inform them about what to expect and their role. Further information and guidance has been published.

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