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By Editor
23rd August 2017

Seven out of 10 members of a leading diabetes forum improve their knowledge of the condition within six months of joining the online community, according to a survey.

Arjun Panesar, chief executive officer of, revealed the statistic after the diabetes community forum reached the milestone of 250,000 members, representing about six per cent of the UK’s four million diabetes population.

He said: “Seventy-eight percent of forum members have a better understanding of diabetes six months after joining the forum and this learning continues the longer they stay members of it.

“We are thrilled to reach 250,000 members because it demonstrates that providing support, knowledge and encouragement through peer support is of real value to peoples’ health.”

The platform sees over 26 million visitors a year and a global membership of 605,000 members.

It is now the world’s largest and fastest-growing community website and forum for people with diabetes, with members from over 200 countries sharing a cumulative experience of over 1.5m years.

As well as the forum, is known for its Low Carb Program. The 10-week online digital therapy, launched in 2015, provides free nutrition and lifestyle education to people with type 2 diabetes, with more than 245,000 people having downloaded it so far.

The programme shows people how to lose weight, reduce their HbA1c, become active and in some cases reverse type 2 diabetes and has so far saved the NHS £6.9 million in one year through reducing medications.

The team behind has picked up several awards and were also named in a prestigious Sunday Times list in March for reversing type 2 diabetes treatment globally through a low carb, high-fat approach. was recognised as one of the top 100 disruptors of our time thanks to its pioneering Low Carb Program, which has seen the reversal of thousands of cases of type 2 diabetes.

It comes following winning the Lloyds Bank National Business Award for Positive Social Impact in November 2016 for its Low Carb Program.

To visit the and the forum, click here.

To visit the Low Carb Program, click here.

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