Diabetes Specialist Nurse Forum UK to host inaugural conference

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27th February 2023
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An organisation which connects nearly 3,000 diabetes specialist nurses across the UK will host its inaugural conference in October.

DSN Forum UK’s very first conference has been designed by DSNs for DSNs and will look at topics that are clinically relevant to them across paediatric and adult healthcare.

The event will also give DSNs a chance to network, promote their work, learn about new research and share examples of best practice with their peers in a supportive environment.

DSN Forum UK committee member Beth Kelly said: “There’s a lot of fantastic conferences out there but our membership has been calling for an event which is dedicated to DSNs and focuses on topics which are clinically relevant to them.

“This inaugural event will give DSNs across the UK an opportunity to talk to their colleagues and share examples of best practice with one another in a supportive environment.”

She added: “The conference will have a paediatric and adult focus and will feature topics that our members have asked us to cover, including diabetes and cancer therapy and diabetes and the menopause. We’re excited to host this event and are working hard to secure fantastic speakers for it.”

Attendees will also have the chance to enter examples of their 2022-2023 projects into the DSN Forum 2023 Poster Competition.

All suitable posters will be displayed at the conference and four attendees will be selected to present a short oral poster on their work to their peers on the day – with the audience deciding an overall winner.

The conference will take place from 10am to 4pm on October 13 in London.

Anyone who is interested in attending the event should subscribe to the DSN Forum mailing list by clicking here.

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