DPC2021 creates buzz bringing community together in mission reboot

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12th November 2021
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Thousands of healthcare professionals received vital education at Diabetes Professional Care 2021 this week to help the NHS reboot diabetes care.

The buzz was back as the diabetes professional community came together at DPC2021, which took place at Olympia London on 10 and 11 November, representing the first in-person diabetes event in two years.

Attendees got the opportunity to get specialist education, clinical skills training network, share experiences, get the latest evidence and discuss best practice.

The focus of this year’s event was ‘Rebooting Diabetes Care’ post lockdown, reviewing the last two years and looking ahead to see how people living with diabetes and its related conditions can best be supported.

The national conference, which has a strong reputation for providing accessible education to healthcare professionals and has attracted thousands of visitors over the past seven years, was free to attend, CPD-certified and open to any healthcare professional involved in the prevention, treatment and management of diabetes.

Nurses, consultants, GPs, pharmacists, dieticians and podiatrists were among the attendees, with safety at the forefront. Delegates’ COVID-19 status needed to be verified on arrival. All attendees were asked to wear masks in enclosed areas and there was enhanced cleaning carried out throughout the show and state-of-the-art ventilation systems.

Delegate David Wood, a Diabetes Educator working in two GP practices in Hammersmith, said: “DPC is one of the best opportunities for professional upskilling in the UK. It’s given me some new ideas, it’s confirmed some of the things we are doing and it’s challenged some services where we need to change.” 

Katharine Barnard-Kelly, Professor of Health Psychology for Health Care, who presented and also exhibited to promote her Spotlight-AQ initiative at the show, said: “It’s great to be back face-to-face. I think the content was really interesting, there have been some really good sessions across the multidisciplinary team and it’s nice to see so much psycho-social involvement. I’m looking forward to year already.”

Darlington GP, Dr Patrick Holmes, who is the Clinical Lead for Diabetes for Tees Valley Clinical Commissioning Group, took part in the conference. He said: “It’s great to come together as a community, I’m proud to be part of this diabetes community. I have missed seeing people face-to-face.

“One of the wonderful things about DPC is that the people who come here are nurses, practice nurses in primary and secondary care who aren’t specialists but have responsibilities to manage people and the best thing about that is that you are really influencing people who can make a difference. You know that what they are learning today can be put into practice tomorrow.”

Fellow delegate Amanda Epps, Diabetes Specialist Nurse at Medway NHS Foundation Trust and founder of the DSN Forum UK, said: “We have been able to meet everybody we haven’t seen for two years. The DSN Forum has been able to meet together in-person as a team. DPC is very good. A lot of nurses, practice nurses and pharmacists all from primary care are getting a lot of information out of it. I have been comparing my PCN with other PCNs, it has been really helpful.”

DPC Founder Maggie Meer said: “I set up Diabetes Professional Care to share education and support the NHS to raise standards of care. This week we have done that. Everyone was so happy to be back together and learning as well as having those vital conversations which can only happen at a show like DPC. We care about people with diabetes, we care about the NHS and we are here to help diabetes teams reboot diabetes care.”

Toby Baker, DPC Event Director, added: “We were honoured and proud to play our part in helping the diabetes professional community to meet the huge challenge of getting diabetes care back to where it was before the pandemic.

“We have had such amazing feedback from people who were just absolutely thrilled to be able to meet together again in-person, sharing and picking up the latest guidance, knowledge, advice and best practice.”

Oliver Jelley, Editor of the Diabetes Times, said: “Thank goodness Diabetes Professional Care is back. DPC is the one event which brings the whole diabetes clinical community together and now, as teams work to get back on track following the disruption caused by the global pandemic, is the perfect opportunity for Project Reboot.”

Diabetes Professional Care returns to Olympia London in 2022 on 16 & 17 November. To find out about exhibiting at the event contact Toby Baker at tobyb@diabetespc.com.

Healthcare professionals interested in visiting in next year can register their interest here: https://www.diabetesprofessionalcare.com/join-our-dpc2022-waiting-list

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