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DRWF to hold online camp for young people with type 1 diabetes

By Editor
19th January 2021
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Healthcare professionals are being urged to let the younger people they see who have type 1 diabetes know about an event which has been planned specifically for them next month.

DRWF, in collaboration with children’s charity Over The Wall, is holding Camp In The Cloud, a free online virtual camp event for families who have children with type 1 diabetes, aged from birth to 17.

The event follow 2019’s first Diabetes Wellness Family camp, which was also in partnership with Over The Wall, after last years event was cancelled because of the pandemic.

Jessica, who was diagnosed when she was just three years-old, had been due to attend the residential Diabetes Family Camp last year and was disappointed when it was cancelled.

In response to the camp closures, Over The Wall created an interactive online platform designed specifically for the children who had applied to attend camp in 2020. The aim was to bring, the joy and magic of the physical camps into each families’ home.

Camping experience 

Ahead of the online events children were sent a package by post including activities and assets to make their camping experience more interactive.

Jessica’s mother Hannah said: “On the first day of Camp in the Cloud, Jessica was so excited, despite the cancellations, she was thrilled to have received the mysterious box. She had all these packages, and now she could finally open them! As a teacher and someone that works with the Brownies, I must say the thought and organisation put into these activities was very impressive. It was not an easy thing to have developed in such a short time, but to have done it on that scale – well, Over The Wall should be proud of themselves.

“For a lot of families who have a child with a serious health condition, the places that were usually open to parents were all shut, and that is incredibly isolating for families. Managing a child’s needs, whilst juggling home schooling, working from home, whilst looking after siblings is a huge challenge, so it was definitely a highlight to have a weekend where everyone could do something fun at home, as a family.

“We especially loved the marble run made with recycled materials – in fact, I’ve stolen that idea for Brownies! Jessica absolutely loved writing the stories and the balloon animals. Actually, I can’t think of anything we didn’t love! Jessica also enjoyed chatting and communicating with other campers, and the ‘Cabin Chats’ were incredibly well managed. The staff made sure everyone spoke and had a chance to chat- it was very effective.

“There was definitely a buzz around the house during our Camp in the Cloud. There was a lot of fun and laughter, and we were all able to get involved.”

Those wishing to sign up for the events are reminded that the deadline for applications closes on Sunday, February 14.

Sarah Tutton, DRWF Chief Executive, said: “Covid-19 has had a significant impact on our ability to provide support to people with diabetes through our Diabetes Wellness Event programme, in the last 10 months.

“Camp in the Cloud is an innovative way in which to reach children with type 1 diabetes, and their families, at a time when in-person activities are impossible.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Over The Wall again in 2021 and look forward to providing some much-need fun, and respite, in what has been a really challenging period for us all. Places are limited, so I would actively encourage those wishing to secure a place, to get their application completed in good time before the deadline of 14th February.”

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