Experienced diabetes consultant features in Diabetes Times podcast

By Editor
1st December 2023

The seventh podcast from the Diabetes Times hears from Diabetes and Acute Medicine Consultant, Dr Mayank Patel, who spoke about the ‘magic formula’ of University Hospital Southampton.

The Talking Diabetes series features leading healthcare professionals and academics as they share their expertise and thoughts on the hot topics from the world of diabetes.

During the episode, Dr Patel also speaks about his new project ‘Start with the Diabasics’ – a campaign to provide healthcare professionals with basic inpatient diabetes knowledge.

He said: “Diabasics came about because we recognised with COVID it was clear that the number of patients with diabetes is continuing as we all know to rise.

“During COVID our workload tripled. It was pretty brutal, but we got through it. Looking forward to God forbid the next horrific healthcare multilevel event, there is a need for the workforce to be able to deliver the basics of diabetes. That’s where diabasics comes from.”

To listen to the podcast, click here.

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