Free type 2 diabetes decision-making resource is launched

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8th April 2021
Education, Type 2 diabetes

A diabetes decision-making resource to help healthcare professionals provide the best type 2 diabetes management possible has been launched. 

EDEN ELECT has been developed to help users gain knowledge and build confidence in making diabetes-related decisions in a bid to prevent long-term complications.

The free consultation aid, provided by EDEN who are based at the Leicester Diabetes Centre, aims to enhance primary care clinicians’ knowledge and confidence when caring for a person living with diabetes.

The main feature of EDEN ELECT is the unique decision-making resource which centres around the patient consultation. Together, the person with diabetes and their clinician can work through an area of the body or a particular lifestyle section to discuss further.

The main page is centred around an animation of the human body and the user can click on each specific body area to discover topics which can support conversations that clinicians should be having with their patient.

The main bullet points have the essential knowledge regarding each specific area. Clicking on the icons surrounding the body for information regarding different aspects of lifestyle and clicking on the individual body parts for their relevant information.

To dive deeper into specific areas of concern, simply click on the ‘Learn More’ button.

To access EDEN ELECT, join the web based platform via

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