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FreeStyle Libre and CGM DVLA green light on horizon

By Editor
10th January 2019
DVLA, Medical devices

Drivers with diabetes on insulin will soon be able to use the FreeStyle Libre and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices, it has been reported. 

The DVLA’s Medical Advisory Panel approved use of the technology in July and objections were raised from other organisations, but this week it overruled the concerns.

Both the Libre and CGM devices have been approved for driving but not yet, an announcement on when people can use them while on the road will be made when the decision has been formalised. We will report this.

Dr Partha Kar, Associate National Clinical Director, Diabetes with NHS England, has campaigned for the move and broke the news on Twitter. He tweeted:

According to DVLA guidelines, people with type 1 diabetes and those with type 2 diabetes on insulin should check their blood glucose level within two hours of starting to drive and every two hours when driving, ensuring they pull over safely while doing so.

The DVLA say that if blood glucose is 5mmol/l or less you should take carbohydrate before driving, if it is less than 4mmol/l do then people are advised not to drive.

Picture credit: why kei

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