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Good inpatient diabetes service masterplan outlined

By Editor
5th August 2019
Clinical guidance, Good practice Guidelines Inpatient

The blueprint for a high-quality diabetes inpatient service has been mapped out in a new JBDS document.

A good inpatient diabetes service is a summary of best practice in adult inpatient diabetes care, based on the suite of Joint British Diabetes Societies (JBDS) for Inpatient Care guidelines which have been published since 2011.

As well as featuring previous JBDS guidance in summary chapters linked to policy and other documents, the master document also includes material on safe prescribing, recommended DISN staff numbers, and what we need to do to develop good , safe, inpatient diabetes services.

Professor Mike Sampson, Chair JBDS for Inpatient Care, said: “We hope this new JBDS document, ‘A good inpatient diabetes service; JBDS14’, is useful for clinical teams. There has been real progress in the last few years in developing good quality safe inpatient diabetes care, particularly through the GIRFT process, and the pivotal Diabetes UK report ‘Making hospitals safe for people with diabetes’. We thought in this context, that it would be useful for us  to condense all existing JBDS guidance into one document, and describe what a good inpatient service should look like.”

Professor Sampson, who is a Consultant & Service Director, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust, added: “Each summary chapter is linked to existing policy documents and key materials, and we make suggestions for safe staffing levels for inpatient diabetes care, safe prescribing and  end of life care. We hope this document, which we will keep updated,  is useful in commissioning and service development discussions about what a  good inpatient service should look like. We are very grateful to DUK, ABCD, UK DISN and all the many contributors to this work ”

To access the document, click here.

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