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Injection technique forum has new MDT focus

By Editor
2nd November 2018
Clinical guidance, Good practice

The Forum for Injection Technique (FIT) has announced plans to continue and expand its work by taking a new multi-disciplinary team (MDT) approach.

FIT was developed to establish and promote best practice in injection technique for all involved in diabetes care, aiming to correct injection technique – ensuring the dose is delivered safely, to the right injection site, using the right technique, every time. The mission is to support people with diabetes using injectable therapies to achieve the best possible health outcomes that can be influenced by correct injection technique.

As well as three Diabetes Specialist Nurses, the new board has two pharmacists, a GP and also a person with diabetes.

The new multi-disciplinary team (@FITforDiabetes) is:

  • Amanda Epps (@Amandaepps123), Chair of FIT UK, inpatient DSN, Founder of DSN Forum UK, Winner of QIC Diabetes HCP of the year 2018,
  • Bethany Kelly (@sotonDSN) Community DSN, special interest in young people with Diabetes, Faculty member of QiC award winning DSN Forum UK
  • Zoe Sherwood (@sherwoodZs), DSN working in mental health
  • Kevin Fernando (@drkevinfernando), GP Partner North Berwick Health Centre, GPwSI Diabetes & Medical Education & Scottish Lead of the Primary Care Diabetes Society
  • Helen Kilminster (@HPILLminster), Primary Care Pharmacy Association Committee chair for the Practice Pharmacy Group, Head of Innovation and Clinical Services for Firza Group, Senior Pharmacist in General Practice, ACP student
  • Dr Mahendra Patel (@drmahendrapatel), senior academic and pharmacist also Board Member and Treasurer for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society with keen interest around improving medicines adherence and reducing health inequalities
  • Adrian Long (@AdrianLong3), a person with type 1 diabetes, recently retired languages teacher and Head of Sixth Form, diabetes blogger and advocate, Chairman of his home town’s Twinning Association

Chris Maguire, BD Marketing Manager, Diabetes Care UK and Ireland, said: “FIT is about ensuring people with diabetes using injectable therapies have the best possible health outcomes by spreading evidence-based recommendations.

“We are proud of what has been achieved so far but are also excited about this new direction and believe that by taking an MDT approach, we have the potential to further FIT’s reach and, ultimately, reduce lipohypertrophy, insulin and increase time spent in target range.

“I would like to give thanks and appreciation to the original board members. Their expertise, skill and dedication has been invaluable in supporting FIT’s mission to establish best practice.”

The new board will be launched at the Diabetes Professional Care conference on November 14 and 15 and will have its first meeting in January, where the strategy for 2019 will be discussed and agreed.

FIT was established following the third International Injection Technique meeting in Athens in 2009. From this meeting a consensus was reached to establish the international injection technique recommendations.

Following a successful inaugural symposium held in London in June 2010, attended by over 40 experienced diabetes specialist nurses from across the UK and Ireland, the international injection technique recommendations were adapted for use in the UK.

These were the first UK recommendations for Injection Technique and were revised after the FITTER scientific congress in Rome, in 2016, which had 150 participants from 54 countries.

The current version of the guideline is: The UK Injection and Infusion Technique Recommendations 4thEdition, which is based on 254 clinical papers.

The new board

Amanda Epps said: “In this era of digital technology, I am excited to bring our social media expertise to the FIT board. The innovative use of digital media will allow the important messages for the FIT board to be shared far and wide across the diabetes community.”
Zoe Sherwood said: “I am excited to be part of the FIT board as it is important to create and strengthen links between physical health and mental health services. Working together promotes an inclusive service for everyone. I am so happy to be a part of it.”
Dr Mahendra Patel said: “I’m hoping to add depth and breadth to the FIT board through being inclusive – to help reach out more effectively, especially to those where prevalence is known to be highest.”
Bethany Kelly said: “I am really excited about the opportunity to be part of the FIT board. I am looking forward to working with other key players in diabetes who are members of the extended MDT from around the UK. I believe this is especially important in planning for future diabetes care.”
Helen Kilminster said: “The fundamental purpose of the FIT board is to ensure patient safety is paramount. It is a true honour and privilege to be amongst the diverse representation on the FIT board. Pharmacy professionals provide an additional dimension to improving diabetes care to local communities and through collaborative working in wide multidisciplinary networks, ensure seamless continuity of care.”
Dr Kevin Fernando said: “GPs have had infrequent representation on injection technique forums in the past so this is a great opportunity for me to help spread the word in primary care on reinforcing the fundamentals of diabetes self-management before altering or intensifying treatment regimens.”
Adrian Long said: “I am delighted to be given the opportunity to represent the patient voice on this board. The strong connections and interactions through social media between people with diabetes, healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry have already brought much benefit to those living with the condition, and I am looking forward to playing my part in this exciting and worthwhile project.”

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