Latest results of the DiRECT intervention unveiled at DUKPC 2023

By Editor
27th April 2023
Diabetes UK, Research

Two recognised diabetes professors revealed the latest findings from the DiRECT intervention at the prestigious Diabetes UK Professional Conference (DUKPC) 2023.

Professor Mike Lean, at the University of Glasgow, and Professor Roy Taylor MBE, at Newcastle University, gave delegates a first look at the results, showing that for some people it is possible to stay in remission for at least five years.

According to their presentation, the DiRECT intervention, with continued low-intensity support, was associated with greater weight loss and improved health state over five years.

The average maintained weight loss of the participants involved in the DiRECT intervention is 6.1kg, the study has reported.

In addition, the research shows that 13 per cent of the participants achieved remission and 54 per cent had fewer serious adverse events after joining the DiRECT intervention.

The professors believe that evidence-based weight management deserves greater priority, with pursuit of remission a key management target.

“We need to do better at weight loss management,” said Professor Taylor during the session at DUKPC 2023.

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