Type 2 diabetes therapy review service helps NHS tackle backlogs

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17th May 2023
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A therapy review service for people with type 2 diabetes has been launched to help the NHS recover after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Specially trained clinical pharmacists from Morph Clinical Services provided therapy reviews across the UK, prioritising GP practices in the areas of greatest health deprivation. Lilly funded this project but had no influence over the clinical recommendations or decision making.

Practices were able to tailor the service to their needs, for example they could choose whether they wanted face to face or remote reviews.

People with type 2 diabetes received a 30-minute appointment with the clinical pharmacist to discuss their diabetes, related medications, lifestyle and any questions about their condition.

Morph’s team followed national and local treatment guidelines to recommend changes to the individual’s therapy that local prescribers could implement.

By April 2023, more than 500 clinic days had been delivered to more than 100 practices in the greatest need of help and almost 5000 people with type 2 diabetes had a valuable discussion with a skilled healthcare professional.

Commenting on the impact of the service, a Lead Clinical Pharmacist said: “The service has been nothing short of brilliant.

“The patient response to the consultations has been impressive and the principles of shared decision-making has allowed people to make informed decisions.”

Amina Ali, Clinical Pharmacist at Morph, added: “One of the people reviewed stated that this was ‘the first proper conversation I have had about my diabetes since being diagnosed’.”

Stephanie Harvey, Associate Director – NHS Collaborations at Lilly, said: “Lilly was delighted to launch this project to support practices, make a difference for people living with type 2 diabetes and also leave a legacy for the practice beyond just the review period. We are proud of the impact the service has had and the positive feedback we received.”

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