New wellbeing hubs to be launched soon

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26th April 2023
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A pilot of NewDAWN Hubs will be taking place across the UK soon, according to an academic dietitian from the University of Oxford.

Nicola Guess led a session today at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2023 to inform delegates on the latest updates surrounding the NewDAWN Hubs.

The aim of these centres are to help people living with type 2 diabetes achieve remission – taking this pressure off GPs.

Instead, a hub coach will support people living with the condition by providing them with four different weight loss programmes, including a total diet replacement (TDR).

Over the last year, Nicola and her team have surveyed 4,000 people with an average BMI of 31. During the study, the team of academics have gained an insight into what people would want from the programme.

Nicola said: “We ran this study to understand what it is like to receive a type 2 diabetes diagnosis.”

Before launching a pilot of NewDAWN Hubs, the team are developing a prototype script for the hub coaches.

Nicola noted: “It will be really interesting to see whether a bite-sized trial of different diet programmes will help people lose weight.

“Getting the conversation and the communication right is so important. Getting people to trust us is key to the programme.”

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