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Online artworks launched to mark World Diabetes Day

By Editor
14th November 2018

A leading global diabetes care company has published nearly 40 artworks online to show how families support, inspire and help those who have diabetes. 

The Ascensia Diabetes Care campaign was launched to mark World Diabetes Day and was developed to highlight the critical role families play in discovering, preventing and managing diabetes, amplifying this year’s key message of the annual awareness day.

The Family and Diabetes topic was chosen by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the organisers of World Diabetes Day.

To help the IDF specifically highlight the essential role of families in diabetes management, Ascensia asked people across the world to submit their family portraits and share stories of how they support family members with diabetes. Professional artists have then added line drawings to digital versions of these photos to tell these inspirational stories.

The digital artworks can now be viewed on the Ascensia Diabetes Care FacebookTwitter and Instagram social media channels, or the company’s website, as a way to engage members of the public and mobilise them to support World Diabetes Day 2018.

Spanning 30 countries, the families featured in the campaign all have unique and inspiring stories of how they provide support, from helping with daily diabetes tasks to lending emotional support to encouraging healthy eating and exercise.

Michael Kloss, President and CEO of Ascensia Diabetes Care said: “The support families provide is of paramount importance for people with diabetes. We are thrilled to provide our backing for this year’s World Diabetes Day theme, which highlights the critical role of families in discovering, preventing and managing diabetes.

“As a company that only focuses on diabetes, we believe it is important to highlight the enormous support provided by the families of people with diabetes and how they are rising to meet these challenges daily.”

He added: “It is clear from the stories that we have seen, just how important families are for people with diabetes at all stages of their condition. They are helping them to lead healthier lives, providing support to complete the tasks necessary to manage their diabetes each day and are ensuring that it has the minimum impact on their lives. Family members provide a crucial, unshakeable support network to celebrate the positives and provide emotional support when things are difficult. We hope that the artworks of these inspirational families will help to raise awareness of diabetes globally on this critical awareness day.”


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