People with diabetes urged to have their COVID-19 vaccine

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26th January 2021
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People with diabetes are being urged to have their COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is offered to them. 

In guidance issued by the Diabetes 101 Team, which is made up of a collective team of UK specialist, multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals from the field of diabetes, people who have the jab are recommended to keep an eye on their blood glucose levels.

The document said: “Like any mild illness, the vaccine could cause your blood glucose levels to be raised for a few days. This should not put you off from having it, and this may have happened before when you had a vaccination as it’s the body’s natural reaction to when your immune response is activated.”

The NHS has recommended that people who are high risk of from experiencing poor outcomes from COVID-19 should be offered the vaccine first. Diabetes is considered a vulnerable condition so people with the condition can expect to receive their vaccine soon.

To read the guidance, click here.

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