Episode 1 – Dr David Unwin

In the first episode of Talking Diabetes we spoke to Dr David Unwin about the benefits of a low carb diet. Dr Unwin is an award-winning doctor from Southport known as the Low-Carb GP. He is an advocate of the low-carb diet and has dedicated a lot of time and research to the subject, proving how beneficial it can be to people with diabetes.


Episode 2 – Professor Ketan Dhatariya

In the second episode of Talking Diabetes we spoke to Professor Ketan Dhatariya about becoming the new chair of the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD). Professor Dhatariya started his diabetes career on the Isle of Wight, before continuing with a succession of registrar jobs in South East London between 1997 and 2001. He finished his training in diabetes and endocrinology in 2001, but instead of taking up a consultant post in Dartford in Kent, he opted to give it all up and go and do research in America. Returning to the UK in 2003, he worked as a locum consultant at King’s College Hospital. Now he has several national roles in the UK which are all based around different aspects of diabetes – including being the Co-Chair of the JBDS and a Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Episode 3 – Debbie Hicks

In the third episode of ‘Talking Diabetes’ we spoke to Debbie Hicks about Trend Diabetes, her biggest career achievements, sensor technology and much more. Debbie is a Nurse Consultant specialising in Diabetes and a Co-Chair of the nursing organisation Trend Diabetes.


Episode 4 – Dr Sarah Davies

In the fourth episode of ‘Talking Diabetes’ we spoke to Dr Sarah Davies about the challenges of primary care, how the NG28 updated guideline has impacted primary care and the role of diabetes technologies. Dr Davies is a GP Partner in Cardiff with a special interest in diabetes. She is also the Clinical Director for Diabetes in Primary Care for Cardiff and Vale UHB, a Diabetes UK Clinical Champion, a presenter for NB Medical Education’s Hot Topics and a committee member of the Primary Care Diabetes Society.


Episode 5 – James Ridgeway and Laura Willcocks 

In the fifth episode of ‘Talking Diabetes’ we spoke to James Ridgeway and Laura Willcocks about the importance of diabetes education. James is a Diabetes Specialist Nurse and a Diabetes Educator with Eden. Laura is the Lead for Healthcare Professional Education and Training at Eden.

Episode 6 – Dr Punith Kempegowda

In episode six of ‘Talking Diabetes’ we spoke to Dr Punith Kempegowda about the diabetes-related projects he is involved with and how he financially helps his students. Dr Kempegowda is an Assistant Professor in Endocrinology, Diabetes and General Medicine at the Institute of Applied Health Research (IAHR), University of Birmingham.

Episode 7 – Dr Mayank Patel 

In episode seven of ‘Talking Diabetes’ we spoke to Dr Mayank Patel about the ‘magic formula’ of University Hospital Southampton and his new project ‘Start with the Diabasics’ – a campaign to provide healthcare professionals with basic inpatient diabetes knowledge. Dr Patel is a Consultant in Diabetes and Acute Medicine at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

Episode 8 – Wojciech Stelmaszczyk and Deborah Holder

In episode eight of ‘Talking Diabetes’ we spoke to Wojciech Stelmaszczyk and Deborah Holder to talk about the DISN UK Group’s World Diabetes Day webinar titled ‘Diabetes: inpatient nursing: the past, present and future’. Wojciech and Deborah are both Diabetes Specialist Nurses at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. They are also both Committee Members of the DISN UK Group.

Episode 9 – Shay Speakman-Brown at EASD 2023

In episode nine of ‘Talking Diabetes’ we spoke to Shay Speakman-Brown live at EASD 2023. Shay is the Head of Market Access for the UK and Ireland at Dexcom. EASD 2023 took place from October 2 to 6 in Hamburg, Germany.

Episode 10 – QiC Diabetes Awards 2023

In episode 10 of ‘Talking Diabetes’ we spoke to Professor Partha Kar OBE, Paula Johnston, Dr Emma Wilmot and Dr Thomas Crabtree at this year’s QiC Diabetes Awards. The QiC Diabetes Awards took place on Thursday, October 12, at Sanofi’s UK headquarters in Reading.

Episode 11 – Professor Roy Taylor MBE

In episode 11 of ‘Talking Diabetes’ we spoke to Professor Roy Taylor MBE about the DIRECT study and how type 2 diabetes can be caused by excess fat in the liver. Professor Taylor is a Professor of Medicine at Newcastle University and a Consultant at Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust.