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Position statement recommends diabetes competency education

By Editor
29th October 2019

NHS employers are being urged to ensure there is a competency education programme for every healthcare professional working in diabetes care.

That is the recommendation from the latest position statement called ‘Invigorating Diabetes Health Professional Education to meet Service and Individualised Needs’ published by the iDEAL (Insights for Diabetes Excellence, Access and Learning) Group.

The group launched in July 2018 to review current practice across the NHS, in order to assess and recommend innovative ways to improve care pathways for people with diabetes.

This position paper emphasises the need for constant evidence-based educational opportunities to be available and accessible, via a variety of means, to ensure healthcare practitioners can maintain currency and deliver evidence-based diabetes care wherever they practice. Enabling partnership approaches to deliver individualised care while working with people with diabetes.

This echoes a key aim of the white paper ‘Current Challenges in Diabetes Care and How to Address Them’ published by iDEAL on World Diabetes Day 2018.

This new statement covers need, proficiencies, access to CPD, role development, person-centred care and respecting choice, role diversity,  enabling a learning environment and cultural competence.

Summarising the statement’s key suggestions for practice, the paper states: “For all HCPs at every level working in all areas of clinical practice, who work with PwD, to have a competency/proficiency education programme from induction that is recorded and can be evidenced for annual performance and revalidation purposes.”

In summary, the paper concluded: “The nature of diabetes care delivery and the need for growth in accessible diabetes HCP education for both generalist and specialist practice is vital. Educated HCPs enable knowledgeable PwD, so each is mutually inclusive to each other. This position statement has highlighted the key themes for consideration as detailed in the key messages.”

The iDEAL Group is an independent multi-disciplinary panel of diabetes specialists with expertise that spans across diabetes management, medicine, pharmacy, dietetics, technology, nursing, health professional and patient education, psychology, commissioning and the perspective of living with diabetes.

Its focus is to build consensus, network, research, share knowledge and collectively seek to make things better; both for practitioners working in partnership with and for people living with diabetes.

The iDEAL Group is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Ascensia Diabetes Care.

To view this latest position statement, click here.

Picture credit: Beatriz Pérez Moya

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