Practitioners sought to join DVLA diabetes panel

By Editor
8th April 2021

Medical practitioners with a broad range of experience in the field of diabetes are being sought to join the DVLA’s Secretary of State for Transport’s Honorary Medical Advisory Panel for Driving and Diabetes.

The DVLA plays a vital role in making Britain’s roads safe and is looking for a healthcare professional who has an “outstanding record of achievement, personal credibility and senior level experience”.

To ensure that every motorist meets the required medical standards for fitness to drive, the driving body actively works with various different Panels to set medical standards and shape policy and guidelines for over 49 million driving licence holders.

Road safety

The Panels help maintain and improve road safety by providing the Secretary of State for Transport, the Department for Transport and the DVLA with expert advice about a wide range of medical conditions and their impact on driving.

The DVLA said it is seeking “engaged and enthusiastic panel members who can support our panel, challenge constructively and robustly, and provide a rich diversity of information and advice that will help DVLA to licence drivers appropriately”.

The newly appointed panel member will play an integral part by providing advice about the medical standards for fitness to drive that accurately reflects the current understanding of diabetes and its effect on an individual’s ability to drive.

They must be prepared to notify the Panel of new developments in diabetes which could have an impact on the standards, make other members aware of the full range of opinion within the world of diabetic medicine and attend Panel meetings.

Applications must be received by midnight on May 6, 2021.

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