Responses required for diabetes technology in primary care survey

By Editor
26th January 2024
Primary care workers, Technology

Primary care teams across the UK are invited to take part in a survey to help them increase their knowledge and awareness of diabetes technologies.

With the use of technology in diabetes care becoming more commonplace, the confidential survey aims to highlight the current experience of diabetes technologies in primary care.

Developed by the Primary Care Diabetes Society (PCDS) and the Diabetes Technology Network (DTN), the questionnaire results will go on to equip healthcare professionals working in the community with the tools they need to offer advice on diabetes technologies.

There has been rapid development in the use of and access to diabetes technologies, including continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices, insulin pumps and hybrid closed-loop systems, in the care of people living with diabetes.

To date, much of the clinical experience and expertise associated with these technologies has sat with specialist diabetes teams.

However, as the use of technology in diabetes care becomes commonplace, people living with diabetes will increasingly expect their primary care teams to have some knowledge and awareness of diabetes technologies.

The results of this survey could be published, but data will be pseudonymised to maintain confidentiality, and no data will be shared with any other party.

To take part in the study, click here.

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