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Review of type 1 pregnancy guidelines by NICE

By Editor
31st July 2018
Guidelines, NICE Pregnancy

NICE has announced plans to review its guidelines for women with type 1 diabetes during pregnancy in England.

The decision for a review comes after considering new evidence, which demonstrated improvements in neonatal outcomes from continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology.

Mothers-to-be who use CGM during pregnancy achieved better control of blood glucose levels, according to the Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Pregnant Women with Type 1 Diabetes (CONCEPTT) study, which was published in September 2017. Results show the babies were healthier with fewer complications.

A partial update to guidance on the use of CGM before conception is also being considered by NICE because the CONCEPTT trial revealed women preferred not to change the way they tracked their blood glucose during early pregnancy. Switching earlier could, therefore, be a benefit.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists and Diabetes UK all support the moves.

A systematic evidence review will now be carried out by NICE, with recommendations then due to go out as part of a full consultation.

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