Roche Diabetes Care to support medical technology education platform for healthcare professionals

By Editor
28th October 2020

Roche Diabetes Care announced today that it will join a cooperative partnership with the ABCD Diabetes Technology Network (DTN), and software company Glooko AB to provide an e-learning platform for healthcare professionals.

The platform will provide educational content on a range of diabetes technologies with the hope that it will help to reduce variations among healthcare professionals in diabetes medical technology capabilities.

Technology has the potential to transform care for people with diabetes, with diabetes technology use associated with higher likelihood of achieving optimal glucose levels. The uptake of innovations in diabetes care, however, has been slow, and there are variations across the country in the understanding of, and access to, technology.

It is fantastic to have a company on board like Roche that has a portfolio of really important products. Dr Pratik Choudhary

It is intended that clinics using this web-based education platform will improve patient care through a greater understanding of the technology, and increased utilisation of appropriate technologies.

Dr Pratik Choudhary, Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Diabetes at King’s College Hospital, said: “It is fantastic to have a company on board like Roche that has a portfolio of really important products, so I would like to thank Roche for supporting this project that will provide easy-to-access educational resources for all healthcare professionals on diabetes technology.”

It is also hoped that the platform would reduce barriers to the commissioning of innovation and technology. DTN will provide guidance on content and they will ensure that the educational programme aligns with current and future NHSE policy/pathways. They will also ensure that the platform has the reporting capabilities needed to demonstrate clinical competencies that inform commissioning decisions.

The programme will be accessible to diabetes specialist healthcare professionals in the UK at no cost to the individual or the NHS, and the platform will remain agnostic to both diabetes device manufacturers and products. It will have the capability to certify that healthcare professionals have completed a course, alongside clinic-level reporting functionality to clearly demonstrate where the ABCD training has been completed in these technologies.

Michael Goetzl, Managing Director, Roche Diabetes Care UK & Ireland, said: “We are delighted to support healthcare professionals in furthering their understanding of diabetes technology with this collaboration with Glooko AB and DTN. By enhancing skills in the technology space we are also helping to reduce barriers to technology access for people with diabetes, ultimately improving their care.”

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