Sanofi to fund key diabetes training to care home staff to help improve health outcomes

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7th April 2021
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Care home staff across the UK are to receive training and education in diabetes care  for people living in care homes.

It is thought there are 450,000 people who currently reside in care homes with approximately a quarter of those having/living with diabetes¹. People with diabetes in care homes can be at a higher risk of hospitalisation and develop other health concerns if their diabetes is not managed appropriately.

Those with inappropriate management of their diabetes are at higher risk of complications such as kidney disease, heart disease and increasing frailty. Additionally, they  are also more likely to be admitted to hospital with acute complications such as hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia and foot complications.

‘Educate and improve’

With this in mind, Sanofi has partnered with award-winning healthcare professional training organisation Eden, based at the Leicester Diabetes Centre, to provide a virtual education programme. The aim of the educational programme called “Sanofi Cares” is to educate and improve the knowledge and confidence of care home staff to effectively manage people with Diabetes.  It will be delivered through E-Learning with additional mentoring support and is available for staff in care and community homes, including registered nurses and non-registered practitioners such as HCAs and Social Care staff.

Jessamy Baird, GM General Medicines Sanofi UK and Ireland, said: “The recent pandemic has illustrated the vulnerability of the older population especially those who have co-morbidities and those living in care homes. SANOFI CARES is an educational programme that is funded and sponsored by Sanofi. The programme contents have been independently developed by EDEN and this programme is delivered by EDEN on behalf of Sanofi.

“Sanofi has not had any input or involvement in the creation of the course materials but has reviewed the contents to ensure compliance with ABPI code of practice. We aim to increase the knowledge and confidence of staff, helping them to provide appropriate quality care to people living with diabetes in care homes. SANOFI CARES is a programme which demonstrates how we as a pharmaceutical company can support patients and the NHS by understanding the requirements of care in a highly vulnerable population.”

It is hoped that by providing a competency-based consistent education programme across a platform for care home staff and community care teams across the UK, Sanofi can help to standardise knowledge and care across the country for people living with diabetes in care homes.

Laura Willcocks, Lead for Health Care Professional Education and Training, said: “We know that education supports safety and improved outcomes for healthcare staff working with and caring for people living with diabetes. Residents in care homes are particularly vulnerable and we believe improvements can be made in diabetes management if training and education of care home staff is supported. There are many reasons that access to training and ongoing support are both challenging and yet critical.

“However, the launch of SANOFI CARES education programme this provides an opportunity for improvement and step change in population health. As the training is delivered and embedded nationwide I hope that we will begin to see measurable differences in health outcomes among people living with diabetes in care homes.”

The blended training includes an introduction to diabetes, care planning and improving the quality of life and wellbeing among those with the condition.

Dr Amar Puttanna, Consultant Diabetologist in West Midlands, who is working in partnership on the development of the programme, said: “I am excited and heartened to see a focus on this important area of diabetes care. Having worked in this area with primary care teams, and as a secondary care clinician, I have seen first-hand the impact of diabetes on this older, more vulnerable population.

“Helping to support care homes, community and primary care colleagues by providing education is something I believe will have a great impact on patient care. I am looking forward to working with the Sanofi and Eden teams to see what differences we can make to support our patients and improve care.”

Sessions will focus on  key subjects such as foot care, complications, blood glucose monitoring and care planning, with the overall aim being to improve the diabetes knowledge and confidence of care home staff in caring for people with diabetes.

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2Sinclair et al

Photo by Georg Arthur Pflueger on Unsplash

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