Spotlight-AQ set to launch free CPD-accredited diabetes webinar series next month

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6th October 2021
CPD, Good practice Psychological support Webinar

A free CPD-accredited webinar series for healthcare professionals across the world will begin next month to discuss the key topics of debate surrounding psychosocial aspects of diabetes management.

Entitled ‘Spotlight-AQ Webinar Series’, the online workshops will consist of five episodes, with the first one taking place on Thursday, November 18 between 7pm and 8pm UK time.

A sparkling line-up of renowned international guest speakers will feature in the series, including Professor Bill Polonsky from the Behavioral Diabetes Institute, Professor Diana Naranjo from Stanford University, Professor Partha Kar from NHS England & Portsmouth Diabetes Centre and Professor Boris Kovatchev from the University of Virginia.

Hosted by Spotlight-AQ, a web-based platform designed to reduce healthcare professional burden by providing pre-clinic assessments and mapped resources to deliver patient-centred care, the webinar series will educate delegates on several psychosocial issues surrounding type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and paediatric diabetes.

Spotlight-AQ founder Professor Katharine Barnard-Kelly said: “I am mindful that there is a shortage of free evidence-based training for healthcare professionals in the arena of psychosocial aspects of diabetes management.

“To this end we are hosting a webinar series for healthcare professionals to focus on different aspects of diabetes management over the course of 5 one-hour events.”

Reducing diabetes stigma, making sense of diabetes data, closed loop technologies and decision support systems are just some of the topic areas that will be addressed during the workshops.

Other presentation topics that will be covered over the series include: reducing healthcare professional burden, diabetes triggering severe mental illness, reducing diabetes distress, modular diabetes continuing professional development, benefits of social media, diabetes technologies, clarity in consultations and the RESCUE theory.

During the first webinar, Spotlight-AQ founder Professor Katharine Barnard-Kelly will open with a session on injection site technique – getting the basics right, followed by Dr Lala Leelarathan from Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust who will host a presentation on how to get the best results from flash glucose monitoring.

Paediatric specialist Dr May Ng will close the first webinar with a session discussing health disparities and worsening access to diabetes technology based on ethnicity and deprivation.

After each session, attendees will be able to access four-minute bitesize chunks of each of the presentations on the Spotlight-AQ website.

On completion of each webinar, delegates will be able to take a brief review test and claim one CPD credit. After completing all fifteen bitesize chunks, one CPD credit is available.

Spotlight-AQ is an online smart, dynamic and adaptive patient questionnaire that quickly identifies patient priority areas for discussion with their healthcare professional in routine clinic visits.

The global tool aims to enhance the mental wellbeing of those living with diabetes by signposting them to the right areas of support to meet their priority concerns.

Spotlight Consultations is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and is translatable into any language and universally shaped to fit into any healthcare setting.

To find out more details about the online event visit

To register for the first webinar, click here.

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