Tackling obesity may help reduce number of type 2 diabetes cases, professor says

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26th April 2023
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Having a greater focus on weight control can help to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes, a consultant in metabolic medicine claims.

Speaking at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2023, Professor Naveed Sattar, from the University of Glasgow, pledged that large, sustained weight loss may offset type 2 diabetes and other complications, such as chronic kidney disease and heart failure.

According to Professor Sattar, improving the food environment, providing more weight loss options and conducting more research on sustainability are all ways to tackle rising obesity rates.

In addition, Professor Sattar also promoted the use of some newer weight loss drugs, such as GLP-1Ras, but slammed the idea of a ‘skinny jab being a quick fix for treating obesity’.

He said: “We are currently treating chronic diseases without tackling aggregated excess adiposity, so we need to resolve this.

“We need to change the environment, get people being more active, and losing weight, all of which will increase life expectancy.”

He added: “Diabetes and its complications is multidimensional. It’s not a one fits all. We’ve underestimated the link between a high BMI and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and heart failure.”

During the session, Professor Sattar also shared that type 2 diabetes is more prevalent in men compared to women.

Additionally, people from ethnic backgrounds are more at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to Professor Sattar.

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