Type 1

Type 1 collaborative webinar announced

15th February 2018

Diabetes consultants with an interest in type 1 diabetes have been invited to join a “must see” webinar about flash glucose monitoring and continuous glucose monitoring.  The, online ...

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DKA linked to socially deprived teens

28th July 2016

People who are repeatedly admitted to hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) are more likely to be young and socially deprived, new research has said. A Scottish study also found that people ...

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Ninjabetic – Hospital care improves

10th May 2016

I seem to have racked up a fair few hospital admissions in my 14 years of living with type 1 diabetes. Although this is not something that I am proud of (many of these admissions were due to my ...

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JDRF announces £97m research funding

27th April 2016

A total of £97m will be spend on tackling diabetes in the UK, it has been announced. The money is being provided by seven funders, the type 1 charity JDRF said in a report called Type 1 Research ...

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Unknown diabetes molecule identified

26th April 2016

Scientists have solved an immune system mystery relating to type 1 diabetes, which could help develop new ways to prevent and treat the disease. Researchers from the University of Lincoln ...

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Major type 1 prevention trial to start

20th April 2016

An “extremely important” trial looking at a possible way to prevent type 1 diabetes is set to start in Scotland, it has been announced. Researchers from the University of Exeter ...

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