Type 1 diabetes technology leaflet released

By Editor
12th January 2024
NHS England, Technology Type 1 diabetes

An informative leaflet outlining the different technologies that are available to help manage type 1 diabetes has been published by NHS England.

Entitled ‘Decision support tool: making a decision about managing type 1 diabetes’, the leaflet is now available for healthcare professionals to share with their patients.

This new document will help people with type 1 diabetes decide which of these technologies will best support them in managing their condition.

People with type 1 diabetes are being encouraged to read through this leaflet and then talk to their diabetes team.

Diabetes care is one of the five clinical areas of focus for integrated care boards and partnerships to achieve system change and improve care as part of Core20Plus5 for children and young people.

The aim is to increase access to real-time continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps across the most deprived areas.

For more information and to read the leaflet, click here.

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