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Type 2 diabetes remission document launched

By Editor
6th March 2019
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A tool to help healthcare professionals talk to people with type 2 diabetes about putting their condition into remission has been launched. 

The Remission Information Prescription will give people the personalised information they need to understand and improve on their health targets. This latest template is the first to focus specifically on type 2 diabetes remission.

Funded by Diabetes UK, the charity is asking healthcare professionals and people with diabetes to use this new template, and feedback using an online survey to ensure the resource is as useful as possible in medical consultations.

Based on the most current evidence in type 2 remission, this tool will evolve, as understanding of the condition continues to develop. 

Remission is a hot topic at this year’s Diabetes UK Professional Conference, where the toolkit announcement was made.

Evidence announced earlier this week from DiRECT, the landmark Diabetes UK-funded trial, shows that, for some people with type 2 diabetes, remission may be possible for at least two years by following an intensive low-calorie weight management programme delivered in primary care and supported by healthcare professionals. 

It cannot be overstated the number of people who could be positively impacted by this tool; it certainly would have helped me at diagnosis

Specialist dietitian Alison Barnes, part of the team delivering DiRECT, and contributed to the development of the Information Prescription, said: “Positive conversations about diabetes remission, and the power of significant weight loss can be transformational. They often completely change how people with type 2 diabetes of any duration view their condition, and the steps they will take to do something about it.

This new Information Prescription is an excellent tool for healthcare professionals working at the frontline of type 2 diabetes care to start having those conversations, and see for themselves what a difference it can make.

“It’s a simple, straightforward guide, and I’m very excited about the positive impact this will have not only for practitioners, but also – and most importantly – for people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.”

The NHS does not currently provide remission services, however NHS England plans to pilot a remission programme soon, and NHS Scotland is rolling out remission programmes across the country. 

The new Information Prescription is available for any healthcare professional delivering diabetes care, including GPs, nurses and diabetes specialists, to issue to a person with type 2 diabetes that would benefit from advice about remission. 

Already widely used by healthcare professionals across the UK, the full list of Information Prescriptions now available comprises the following topics of diabetes care:


·       Type 2 diabetes remission

·       Blood pressure

·       Cholesterol

·       HbA1c

·       Mood

·       Kidney care

·       Contraception and pregnancy

·       Footcare

·       Diabetes prevention


Diabetes UK hopes that this new tool will enable healthcare professionals to dispel some myths, and provide evidence-based information about what remission is, and how it might be possible for some people with type 2 diabetes.

Angus Rutherford put his type 2 diabetes into remission for more than a year. He said: “The Information Prescription for Type 2 Diabetes remission is a great resource, it’s clear and concise, delivering the key messages that type 2 diabetes remission is possible for some people with type 2 diabetes.

I’m one of the lucky ones; I managed to achieve remission purely based on my own research, and by applying the principles of the DiRECT trial to my own life. But the Information Prescription for Type 2 Diabetes will put key information from DiRECT research in the hands of both the patient and GP, and in turn will make positive impact on many people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

 “It cannot be overstated the number of people who could be positively impacted by this tool; it certainly would have helped me at diagnosis.”

Elizabeth Robertson, is Director of Research at Diabetes UK, said: “As we learn more and more about the possibility of type 2 diabetes remission, it stands to reason people with type 2 diabetes will want to talk to their healthcare teams. This resource has been designed to help make these conversations as useful and effective as possible. 

 “Healthcare professionals tell us that Information Prescriptions help them provide better care; this new resource will further enhance their ability to support people living with type 2 diabetes to manage their condition as effectively as possible and – in some cases – possibly even go on to achieve remission.”

 The Information Prescription has been developed in partnership with healthcare professionals, scientists, people living with Type 2 diabetes and people in remission. Together, they agreed on the key information healthcare professionals could use to support their patients.

To download the toolkit, click here.


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