Views sought on latest VRII hospital guidelines

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12th November 2021
Audits, Good practice

A group of senior clinicians are inviting healthcare professionals working in diabetes to provide feedback on the current guidance on the use of Variable Rate Insulin Infusion (VRII) in hospital settings.

The Joint British Diabetes Society for Inpatient Care (JBDS-IP) has launched another audit to improve hospital VRII guidelines.

Professor Ketan Dhatariya, Dr Ahmed Al-Sharefi and Dr Stella George are encouraging Diabetes Consultants, Diabetes Registrars and Diabetes Specialist Nurses to complete a questionnaire on how they used VRII on people with diabetes who were admitted to hospital.

A VRII is used for people with diabetes or hospital-related hyperglycaemia when they are unable to consume food or fluid, therefore struggling to control their own insulin levels.

Healthcare professionals have more than a month to submit their feedback, with the audit set to close on Friday, December 24, 2021.

The JBDS-IP is working to improve inpatient diabetes care across the UK through the development and use of high-quality, evidence-based guidelines and inpatient care pathways.

To provide feedback for the VRII hospital guidelines, click here.

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