Weight loss surgery now less common in people with type 2 diabetes, academics say

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26th January 2023
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The number of people living with type 2 diabetes undergoing bariatric-metabolic surgery has significantly dropped since 2015, a new study has demonstrated. 

Scientists have found that NHS bariatric-metabolic surgery is used for people with type 2 diabetes much later in the disease process when it is less effective.

During the experiment, a research team examined the baseline characteristics, disease severity and operations undertaken in obese people undergoing bariatric-metabolic surgery.

Clinical practice before and after the publication of the 2014 NICE guidance was analysed by the academics.

More than 50,000 people were examined in the study, with 14,948 of the participants also living with type 2 diabetes.

According to the results, in recent years there has been a fewer number of people with type 2 diabetes having bariatric-metabolic surgery compared to the number of individuals with the condition undergoing weight loss surgery before 2015.

The findings state: “Gastric bypass was the commonest operation overall. Type 2 diabetes status was associated with selection for gastric bypass compared to sleeve gastrectomy.”

To read the research, click here.

Photo by Andres Ayrton on Pexels

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