When the personal matches the professional

By Michael Goetzl, MD of Roche Diabetes Care
23rd January 2020
Care planning

Now that the dust has settled on the New Year and I have had a few weeks back at work, I have taken the time to look back on my first year in the UK and ahead to the next.

I have started to see similarities between the journey I have been in my personal life, moving to a new country with my family, and the ongoing transformation in the business I am proud to lead in the UK & Ireland – Roche Diabetes Care.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have all the experience behind you but you are a beginner in a new position, in a new place, with new people and new demands all around you? It can be a lonely place, with the feeling that “nothing fits the way I am used to”.

When things are changing around you, it can feel strange, uncomfortable and risky and this can make you retreat to your comfort zone, when instead you should be taking your solid foundation of experience and enthusiasm to create new opportunities.

I had this feeling in my home life in the first few months in the UK but I overcame it by taking the decision to step outside my comfort zone and join the PTA at my children’s school and so now I am involved in a wide range of events and meeting great people who have become friends.

My own situation is similar to the one that many are facing in the diabetes community. The world is changing; for industry we see that our customers need more and different support and that we cannot just do what we always have and expect the same outcome.

Digital expectations

Roche Diabetes Care has a global vision for people with diabetes to be able to think less about their daily diabetes routine

The interaction between everyone in the world is more digital than ever and expectations are the same in diabetes care. Those who pay the bills in the health system, understandably evaluate products and services differently and with more focus on criteria such as connectivity, interoperability, and the support provided.

There are new products and providers and to drive forward progress we must all offer disruptive solutions to meet the needs and expectations of people with diabetes and those who support them.

Roche Diabetes Care has a global vision for people with diabetes to be able to think less about their daily diabetes routine. To make this vision a reality, we are taking a holistic approach to diabetes care which means we are moving away from being a product-oriented provider as we now want to be a trusted partner across the entire field of diabetes products and services and will achieve this through our own innovation and also partnerships with others. The goal is the realisation of an approach we call integrated personalised diabetes management.

In the year ahead, you will see Roche Diabetes Care doing things differently whilst also supporting our established business areas. I am looking forward to being able to share updates on: progress in areas piloting our digital diabetes management systems in primary and secondary care; the full-scale launch of the Accu-Chek Solo micro-pump; and further feature development in the popular mySugr app.

We are determined that our transformation must be achieved in line with the needs and expectations of everyone we work with, new and established. By working together, we will ensure that whilst it might be a new place, with new people and lots of new demands, it will not be lonely!

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