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Cases of wrong type 1 diabetes diagnosis highlighted by C-peptide test

By Editor
15th March 2019
Research, Type 1 diabetes

A C-peptide test carried out three years after a type 1 diabetes diagnosis can uncover a misdiagnosis in some cases, new research has found.

It can occasionally lead to a correct diagnosis of type 2 diabetes or a monogenic form of the condition and should be a routine procedure, say researchers led by Dr Mark Strachan from Edinburgh’s Western General Hospital.

The research team carried out a C-peptide test – a blood test to determine insulin levels – in all patients in their clinic who had a type 1 diabetes diagnosis for approximately three years.

The results revealed that 103 (13.7%) of the 757 participants had a C-peptide level above 200 pmol/L. A new diagnosis of monogenic or genetic diabetes was made in eight people and there was a type 2 diabetes diagnosis in 27 others.

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Picture credit: Louis Reed

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