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Promising test results for ‘Miracle Dan’

By Editor
20th March 2017
Type 1 diabetes

Tests carried out on a man with type 1 diabetes who no longer needs insulin after his pancreas began functioning again reveal the transformation is 80 per cent genuine.

Daniel Darkes, from Daventry, was diagnosed with the condition seven years ago but has stopped injecting insulin after his blood glucose levels returned to normal and below average levels.

The 30-year-old has just returned from  St Louis, Missouri, in the US, where he has been ungoing tests in a bid to establish what has happened, with the first round of tests suggesting the recovery was 80 per cent genuine.

Speaking to the Northampton Chronicle & Echo, Daniel  said: “I had numerous tests, about four or five, to confirm the main reason why my pancreas had started producing insulin again.

“One of the tests involved me running on a treadmill. They starved me for a good six hours before, and I spent about 30 minutes running at a constant speed to see if my brain went into a kind of shock mode, or starvation mode, to see if it would send signals down to the organs, i.e. my pancreas, which it did.”

Scientists also inserted a microchip into Daniel’s lower back to measure his protein levels as well as shining a UV light to detect cells in his pancreas. The results are due to be published this week.

Daniel discovered he had type 1 diabetes in 2010 shortly after leaving the Army. He realised his health was not right after experiencing extreme tiredness, thirstiness, blurred vision and then eventually collapsing.

Now, doctors are baffled as to how his blood sugar levels have returned to normal as there is no known cure of type 1 diabetes and treatment with insulin injections is required for survival.

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