NINJABETIC – Owning our self-worth

3rd October 2017

Imagine walking along a deserted road, alone, not knowing where you are, how you got there or where you are going. The air is calm and still, and the road appears to be safe, but there is a ...

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NINJABETIC – A perfect appointment?

23rd June 2017

One of my biggest challenges of the past few months has been making time for a positive change when it comes to my diabetes. I’ll happily do all of the daily activities such as blood ...

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NINJABETIC – A letter to my parents

22nd May 2017

Dear Mum and Dad, The day I was diagnosed was tough for us all, and I didn’t realise just how tough it would be for you both from there on. You will probably remember it far better than I ...

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NINJABETIC – Take a break

20th April 2017

A few months ago I wrote about the importance of being selfish when you need to be, not in the way that may cause upset or hurt to myself or others, but more of a self-soothing, self-management ...

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Ninjabetic – The language of diabetes

22nd March 2017

At this year’s Diabetes UK Professional Conference I had the pleasure of presenting with a fellow patient advocate, and amazing leader in diabetes youth work, Dani Cochrane. Dani and I were ...

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NINJABETIC – Dating with diabetes

2nd February 2017

After a good few months of being single last year I decided to throw myself back into the dating game, but this time I seemed to be very aware of the fact that I have a long-term health condition ...

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NINJABETIC – Diabetes awareness

14th November 2016

Diabetes Awareness Month is in full swing and one of the highlights for me is reading about change and how people manage that in their day-to-day lives. Obviously a diagnosis of diabetes, ...

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NINJABETIC – Hypo Awareness Week

5th October 2016

As it’s Hypo Awareness Week, it makes sense to focus on the topic that plays such a big part in the lives of people with diabetes. Personally, I find that the thought of hypoglycaemia has more of ...

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