Combination of Probucol and Metformin effective treatment option for type 2 diabetes

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26th May 2023
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Scientists have selected Probucol as the potential co-drug for adjunct therapy with Metformin when treating people living with type 2 diabetes.

During the study, the team of researchers evaluated the efficacy of the combination in a rat model of diabetes.

They also constructed a genome-wide protein-protein interaction network capturing a global perspective of perturbations in diabetes by integrating type 2 diabetes subjects’ transcriptomic data.

In addition, the scientists computed a ‘frequently perturbed subnetwork’ in type 2 diabetes that captures common perturbations across tissue types and mapped the possible effects of Metformin onto it.

They then identified a set of remaining type 2 diabetes perturbations and potential drug targets among them, related to oxidative stress and hypercholesterolemia.

According to the results, Metformin-Probucol at 5:0.5 mg/kg was effective in restoring near-normal serum glucose, lipid, and cholesterol levels.

The authors said: “Type 2 diabetes is often managed with metformin as the drug of choice. While it is effective overall, many people progress to exhibit complications. Strategic drug combinations to tackle this problem would be useful.”

To read the full study, click here.

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