FreeStyle Libre 2 system gets NHS Drug Tariff approval

By Editor
28th October 2020
Self management, Self-monitoring of blood glucose Technology Type 1 diabetes

The second generation of the FreeStyle Libre system has been approved and added to the NHS Drug Tariff for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from November.

Abbott, which makes the sensor-based technology, is recommending all current users speak to their healthcare teams from January to discuss replacements.

The FreeStyle Libre 2 system, a replacement for blood glucose monitoring with excellent accuracy, was given the go ahead by the NHS Business Services Authority for inclusion. This means it will now be available on prescription for people living with diabetes who meet the NHS criteria, with wide availability expected from January 2021.

The world-leading sensor-based technology, FreeStyle Libre, eliminates routine finger pricks for people faced with managing diabetes every day. The addition of glucose alarms, which are easily turned on and off, can give added reassurance as people can choose to be alerted in real-time to hypoglycaemia (low glucose levels) or hyperglycaemia (high glucose levels).

Real world data from use of the FreeStyle Libre system shows that people with diabetes achieve significantly improved glycaemic control and hypoglycaemic awareness. They also experience reduced distress from their condition and also fewer hospital admissions.

Neil Harris, general manager of Abbott’s diabetes care business in the UK and Ireland, said: “Abbott is always innovating. Our goal is to make our sensor-based technology affordable and accessible to people with diabetes who need it. We never compromise on quality or accuracy for affordability and with added features, the Freestyle Libre 2 system is the same price as our previous version of the device.

” The addition of the FreeStyle Libre 2 system onto the NHS Drug Tariff is the latest step in our partnership with the NHS, who we have been working with since 2017 to ensure the FreeStyle Libre system is available on prescription.”

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