Healthcare professionals and people with type 2 diabetes will save time with the Accu-Chek Instant Meter, a global study has found

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31st August 2021
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International research has revealed that a new ‘connected’ blood glucose monitoring system is easy to use and can be operated without product training, saving the time of healthcare professionals and individuals with type 2 diabetes around the world. 

Launched earlier this year in the UK, the Accu-Chek Instant system aims to improve blood glucose monitoring for those with type 2 diabetes.

The Accu-Chek Instant meter was recently evaluated in a remote-based market research study with healthcare professionals and people with type 2 diabetes from five countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

During the study, the participants had to assess whether or not the Accu-Chek Instant meter was easy to use.

They found that the wide strip dosing area is easy to apply blood, the large backlit display can easily be read, the target range indicator makes it easy to quickly understand the result and strips can be hygienically removed by the test strip ejector.

According to the findings, 96% of the participants with type 2 diabetes agreed that they could learn how to use the Instant meter without training, while 91% of healthcare professionals would recommend it to people with the condition.

Incorporating routine testing into busy lifestyles can be a challenge for people with diabetes, therefore the new Accu-Chek Instant meter has been designed to reduce this burden by providing features to help make every day blood glucose monitoring easy.

The meter offers an intuitive Target Range Indicator (TRI), which shows clearly if results are high or low to better support self-management of diabetes.

It also includes Bluetooth® enabled connectivity to the mySugr app, allowing wireless transfer of blood glucose results to the mySugr app.

Once paired with mySugr, Accu-Chek Instant users get mySugr Pro for free.

Data from the mySugr mobile app can also seamlessly be shared with healthcare professionals via the Roche Diabetes Care Platform (RDCP), in near real-time.

This integration between the RDCP and the mySugr app enables people with diabetes to share their blood glucose monitoring data with healthcare professionals during consultations, allowing for more meaningful consultations.

Accu-Chek Instant is available with prescription and can also be purchased from leading pharmacists.

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