Latest results of National Diabetes Inpatient Safety Audit unveiled at DUKPC 2023

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28th April 2023
Diabetes UK, Good practice Inpatient

The latest National Diabetes Inpatient Safety Audit has revealed that only 72 per cent of healthcare providers are currently providing insulin training to staff.  

During the Diabetes UK Professional Conference (DUKPC) 2023, Dr Alistair Lumb, Consultant in Diabetes, presented the findings of the audit – a national review of the inpatient service provision in England and Wales against the 2020 GIRFT recommendations.

They found that only 27 per cent of inpatient care providers have a system to identify people with diabetes on admission.

The National Diabetes Inpatient Safety Audit (NDISA) has published four recommendations to improve hospital care for people living with the condition.

The recommendations include:

  • All NHS Trusts in England and Local Health Boards in Wales should participate in NDISA data collection.
  • Healthcare providers should have a multidisciplinary diabetes inpatient team and be working towards providing base-level diabetes cover at weekends.
  • Healthcare providers should have networked blood glucose meters to alert staff when recorded glucose levels are out-of-range.
  • All participating organisations should have a policy to support diabetes self-management in hospital.

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