NHS launches online structured education for those with type 1

By Editor
1st February 2021
Technology, Type 1 diabetes

The NHS Diabetes Programme has commissioned two online programmes for people with type 1 diabetes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A resource pack to support localities in promoting the services on NHS Futures has also been released. Access to the NHS Futures resources can be granted upon request by emailing england.diabetestreatment@nhs.net.

A website containing searchable resources including videos and leaflets, and multi-language content has been published. It also includes five accredited, e-Learning courses for adults with type 1 diabetes, to help increase understanding and confidence in self-management.

These courses cover a range of topics useful for people who are newly diagnosed, or for those needing additional support with insulin management, carb counting, lifestyle change and complications management.

The platform is available without any referral requirement and healthcare professionals are being encouraged to direct patients to the service.

Support for children and young people with the autoimmune condition has also been launched. The DigiBete App and web platform is also available to the families and healthcare professionals of those with type 1 diabetes. Access is provided through paediatric teams.

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