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22nd July 2022
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A trusted community interest company has published two information standards for diabetes management.

The Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) has released the guidance to ensure that diabetes information documented by healthcare teams is captured in a single, digital space that is easily shareable between different systems.

According to the PRSB, it is critical that diabetes data is standardised so that it can flow digitally and be available for making decisions about ongoing care by professionals.

The two standards developed by the PRSB include:

  • The Diabetes Information Record Standard – defines the information needed to support a person’s diabetes management. It includes information that could be recorded by health and care professionals or the person themselves that is relevant to the diabetes care of the person and should be shared between different care providers.
  • The Diabetes Self-Management Standard – This defines information that could be recorded by the person (or their carer) at home (either using digital apps or medical devices) and shared with health and care professionals.

Approximately 4.8 million people live with diabetes in the UK, with the number steadily rising, new data shows.

The PRSB was commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement to produce standards for sharing diabetes information between people and professionals across all care settings, including self-management data from digital apps and medical devices.

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