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Roche Diabetes Care makes ‘commitment’ to UK following shutdown rumours

By Editor
6th November 2019
Medical devices

A senior executive from Roche Diabetes Care has firmly addressed speculation it is withdrawing from the UK by stating that the company is “staying by your side”.

Speaking to the DT at last week’s Diabetes Professional Care conference, Public Affairs Lead Conn O’Neill said Roche was committed to the UK and would not be following in the footsteps of established players withdrawing in recent times.

Instead, Roche Diabetes Care underwent a restructure in the summer to enable their team to spend time with those driving change in the health system. These changes reflect the company’s move to promote integrated diabetes care.

Roche Diabetes Care is firmly committed to the UK diabetes community. We are proud to be staying by your side. Conn O’Neill, Public Affairs Lead

Conn O’Neill said Roche is looking to harness the power of connectivity together with education to help support people to manage their diabetes.

Roche’s portfolio includes the Accu-Chek range of blood glucose meters and insulin pumps; the Eversense continuous glucose monitoring system; mySugr, the most widely downloaded app for people with diabetes; and is further complemented through partnerships with startups such as diabetes prevention programme provider OurPath. Conn said changes at the company are about ensuring these components work together to make life easier for people with diabetes and those who support them.

He said: “Roche Diabetes Care is firmly committed to the UK diabetes community. We are proud to be staying by your side, staying by the side of people with diabetes and staying by the side of healthcare professionals.

“We did go through a restructure in the summer and some healthcare professionals will have found that their Roche contact has changed, this is because we have reshaped the company to ensure we make the maximum impact in supporting people with diabetes.”

Contrary to rumours, a fundamental reason for the restructure was to prepare for many years of partnership in the UK. The timing follows significant changes in the structure of the NHS and wider health system in recent times with increased pooling of decision making authority as health leaders take a population health approach.

Managing Director of Roche Diabetes Care in the UK & Ireland, Michael Goetzl, believes the NHS Long Term Plan represents an exciting opportunity to improve diabetes care.

He said: “In January, when I moved to our UK & Ireland organisation, I could not have arrived at a more exciting time as within days the NHS Long Term Plan was published and so changes which had been in progress for some time began to accelerate. I can see that the Roche Diabetes Care vision for the integration of care, offering joined up solutions, is very much aligned with the goals of the NHS, HSE and health systems around the world.

”I look forward to continued partnership and will ensure that in our team we have the expertise and are ready to continue working with those in the health system who drive change. Through this process, your local contact may have changed and if you are in any doubt about who to speak to, please do get in touch through our website.”

The Roche portfolio is broad and developing, with new products and services coming on-board:

  • Blood glucose monitoring – systems are being enhanced by connectivity with the mySugr digital companion.
  • Insulin pumps – the recent launch of the Accu-Chek Solo micropump offers real choice for people with type 1 diabetes by offering more discretion and flexibility than ever before
  • CGM – Roche distribute the world’s only long-lasting, implantable continuous glucose monitor, Eversense XL, and continue to establish further centres of excellence to expand availability
  • Lifestyle change – after a year of co-working, we have renewed our partnership with the dynamic start-up, OurPath, and will support the roll-out of the proven lifestyle change programme to support those living with, or at risk of type 2 diabetes

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