Can you help with Diabetes and Homelessness Survey?

By Editor
23rd February 2024
Good practice

Time is running out to complete a survey designed to improve the care offered to homeless people living with diabetes. 

Funded by the Burdett Trust for Nursing, the survey aims to evidence the challenges of managing diabetes when people are homeless, and to identify what innovative practice is available.

Data gathered from the survey will be used in a journal article that will profile and support the need for innovative approaches to care. In addition, data will be used to produce guidance and e-learning on diabetes and homelessness.

A spokesperson for the researchers said: “We’ve had a good response to the survey so far but we’re keen to hear from as many clinical practitioners and non-clinical support workers as possible.

“Data from the survey will be used to support findings from nurse led quality improvement projects, practitioner focus groups, patient interviews, and case studies of best practice, and the resulting insights and guidance will be widely distributed.”

The questionnaire – which was developed by the homelessness charity Pathway – has been supported by the University of Plymouth from a research and ethics perspective.

The survey closes on Sunday, March 3.

To fill in the survey, click here.

Image credit: Jeff Hubbard/PA Wire/Centre for Homelessness Impact

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